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Ongoing Farmington Projects


TO:            Farmington Town Board, Town Public Works and Town Operations                                          Committees Report

FROM:      Ron Brand, Director of Planning & Development  -  Ronald L. Brand

                  Dan Delpriore, Town Code Enforcement Officer   -  Daniel Delpriore

DATE:       August 9, 2022

RE:            Report to Town Public Works and Town Operations Committees for Town Board                    Meeting on Tuesday, August 9, 2022.

The following project status report is for this week’s Town Board Meeting and is for the period July 26, 2022, through August 8, 2022.

Town Board Resolutions (5)

  1. Resolution authorizing waiving the Mertensia Lodge Fees for the Finger Lakes Building Official’s Association on Friday, September 30th, 2022.
  1. Resolution establishing a Letter of Credit for A Safe Place Storage Project in the total amount of $305,294.91.
  1. Resolution authorizing acceptance of Sign and Utility Easement for property located on State Route 96 with a Tax Account Parcel Number 31.00-1-19.00
  1. Resolution accepting Parts 2 & 3 of the Full Environmental Assessment Form (FEAF), under the provisions of the State Environmental Quality Review (SEQR) Regulations, for rezoning land (Tax Map Account Numbers 29.00-01-39, 29.00-01-40 and 29.00-01-41.1) from GB General Business to IZ Incentive Zoning for the Farmington Market Center Project (Action).
  1. Resolution to not accept the Parts 2 & 3 of the Full Environmental Assessment Forms (FEAF), dated July 22, 2022, for the Farmington Market Center Incentive Rezoning Action; directing amended Parts 2 & 3 of the FEAF, to be prepared and submitted to the Town Board for review and acceptance; establishing a deadline of noon on Wednesday, August 17, 2022 for the submission of any additional comments; and continuing the public hearing upon the above referenced Action to Wednesday, August 24, 2022.

     Town Projects Update

  1. Beaver Creek Park Project.   Finally, after months of shipping delays, the remaining set of playground equipment, for age group (3-5), has arrived.  Scheduling the installation of this new piece of equipment by the supplier is underway.  In addition, construction has begun on two swing sets.  Finally, there is a number of unfinished site improvements that the contractor is required to make in order to close out the contract agreement.  Work on these improvements is to commence this week.

The completion date for all park improvements is scheduled for this summer contingent upon there being no further shipping delays. The athletic fields, however, will not be available this year for organized team sports. Team sports using the fields at this park will begin in 2023.  This will enable the grassed fields time to mature for the organized team sports.

  1. Delaware River Solar (DRS) Project.  Site work on this solar farm project continues.

Driveway installation is underway along with site security cameras and utility poles.

  1. Town Line Road Capital Improvement Project. Work remaining to be completed includes a short section of new water line and the installation of sidewalk between Brimstone Drive connecting to the existing sidewalk just west of Estate Drive, and another section west of Stony Way and between Maplewood Drive.    
  1. Brickyard Road Water Tank & Transmission. Bids for this capital project were opened and then were rejected by the Town of Canandaigua Town Board, on Monday, February 7, 2022, when the Board did not approve the 202-B funding authorization needed to move the project forward. No information has been received to date as to what is to be proposed in its place.
  1. Monarch Manor Incentive Zoning Project, Section 2.

Site work continues within this new section, which includes extending public water and sewer service, installation of the continued street [Monarch Drive to Brimstone Drive, to the Canandaigua/Farmington Town Line Road], sidewalks, and streetlights.  The stormwater facility for this project has been constructed on this site, accepted by the Town and the release of surety was authorized. Eventually, there will be a total of forty-eight (48) two-unit single-family structures located within Section 2 of this Incentive Zoning Project.


  1. Auburn Meadows Subdivision, Section 8S.

Section 8S – Site improvements have begun within the last section of the Auburn Meadows Project.  This Section involves a total of 31 lots that are to be located along both sides of Ackerman Way, between the Marion Way and Jasper Drive intersections.  A&D Real Estate Development Corporation, LLC, the developer of the Auburn Meadows Tract, has filed the Letter of Credit for site improvements within this Section of the overall project and site work has commenced.


Site work involving the construction of a stormwater detention facility for this Section of the Auburn Meadows project had been stopped by the Town, while awaiting the submission of a redesign of this facility. The redesign has now been reviewed and accepted by the Auburn Trail Engineer and the Town’s Engineer, and work will be allowed to continue.  During this construction there should be minimal disruption to Trail users associated with connecting the site’s (8S) drainage line to the stormwater facility.

  1. Auburn Meadows Subdivision, Sections 7N and 8N. Sections 7N and 8N involve the construction of 55 single family dwelling lots located along both sides of Ivory Drive between the current stub located in Section 6N at the intersection with Amber Drive connecting to the intersection of Amber Drive located in Section 3N to the west.  In addition, as part of Section 7N a new pedestrian walkway has been installed between lots 545 and 546 on Amber Drive (Section 5) and lot 739 in Section 7N and lot 849 in Section 8N, located along the Ivory Drive extension.  Additional sidewalk and pedestrian crosswalks have been installed at the intersection of Amber Drive and Ivory (in Section 3 North). Finally, there will be pedestrian sidewalks and stone dust trails constructed within portions of these two sections (7N & 8N) of Ivory Drive, connecting the new Ivory Drive sidewalks to the nearby Auburn Trail Project. 

There are no single-family dwelling lot remaining within Section 7N. Within Section 8N there are fourteen (14) single-family dwellings under construction and nine (9) vacant sites awaiting sales and construction.


  1. Redfield Grove Incentive Zoning, Section 2, Townhouse Project. There is a total of six (6) two-unit townhouse buildings under construction within this last section of the residential portion of the incentive zoning project. There are no available units in this project.    
  1. Redfield Grove Incentive Zoning, Commercial Project. Construction is now complete on the 7,200 square foot building on Lot #72, which is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of State Route 96 and Commercial Drive. The building has been divided and will be used for an ice cream store and a beauty salon. The developer reports that keys to the building have been turned over to the tenants who are scheduling opening for these two businesses this month.  Finally, the developer reports that a total of thirteen (13) streetlights have been ordered to be installed along the east side of Commercial Drive later this year.
  1. Redfern Drive Townhouse Project.  Site work continues on the construction of twenty (20) townhouse units that will be located within four (4) buildings along Redfern Drive, between Running Brook Drive and Dalton Drive.  Three (3) of the buildings either have been or are being enclosed. The Foundation for the fourth building has been poured and framing is underway nearing enclosing of the building.
  1. Hathaway’s Corners Incentive Zoning Project.

There are a total of forty-one (41) townhome units that are under construction with two (2) buildings remaining to be constructed. There are 23 townhouse units remaining which have been issued building permits and construction is underway.  Utility work is also underway for the construction of 88 apartment units located in the southeast portion of the overall site, near the intersection of Savalla Boulevard, Marsh Circle and the northern portion of Carmens Way.

The Marrano Homes model home/sales office located along the south side of County Road 41 continues to operate.  This summer, a new model home/sales office will be constructed within the project.  Currently within the project site along Eddy Gate and Osborn there are a total of eleven (11) dwelling units under construction, with three (3) single-family dwellings occupied. 

Site work continues within the Villas portion of the project.  This section will involve a total of eighty-eight (88) single-family dwellings that will be operating under a home-owners association where all site amenities (e.g., lawn mowing, landscaping, snow plowing, etc.) is being provided for those living within this portion of the Hathaway’s Corners project.

  1. America’s Best Value Inn Project. Construction on the new motel continues with the installation of drywall and exterior siding. The applicant reports that the project will likely open later this summer.


  1. RG&E Substation 127 Expansion Project. The existing substation, located at 961 Hook Road, continues site improvements as part of a three (3) phase expansion project which began in late 2019 and is anticipated to be completed later this year.  Phase 1 is complete.

Phase 2 is in progress, which includes the majority of the substation rebuild work in the upper yard.  Phase 2 is scheduled to be placed in service in August/September or this year.  Phase 3 encompasses the remaining work – the construction of an electric duct bank for cross-connection from the upper yard to the lower yard, the expansion of the lower yard, the installation of additional stormwater infrastructure, and the remaining property restoration and reseeding.

  1. RG&E Substation #168 Site Improvements.  Substation 168 is located along the south side of State Street, adjacent to the Village of Manchester.  Work commenced on this project last fall, with the widening of a portion of State Street along the north side near the existing driveway to the project’s site, and construction of a new driveway entrance from State Street into the Old Castle property.  Work during 2022/2023 includes the relocation of the existing 34.5 kV lines (underground and overhead), excavation and installation of the control house building and its foundation, and upgrade work within the 115kV substation yard.
  1. Meyer’s Recreation Vehicle Sales & Service Project.  A Certificate of Occupancy has been issued for the new office/showroom/service building.  Minor details remain on record drawings and closing out the letter of credit for this project.   
  1. LeFrois Project, (GLN) State Route 96. Site earthwork and the installation of new water lines, sewer lines, stormwater and related storm water drainage improvements continue.  Also under construction is a section of Mercier Boulevard, a new town road, that starts at a new intersection with State Route 96 and extends south into Phase 1A of the project and provides a connection to the adjacent Farmington Market Center Project.  

Phase 1A site development provides for up to four (4) proposed commercial building sites located along the south side of State Route 96. Eventually, Mercier Boulevard will extend to the south and east connecting with the existing cul-de-sac on the adjacent Home Leasing property.  Mercier Boulevard when completed will provide a connection to the Farmington Commons Plaza (located at the southwest corner of State Routes 96 & 332), the plaza where the Tops Super Market and Canandaigua National Bank are located and the existing cul-de-sac on Mercier Boulevard which is located at the south end of the GLN property.    

  1. Union Crossing Development, Blackwood Industrial Park Distribution Center, Lot #R-2.  The Planning Board, on July 6th granted Final Site Plan Approval.  The developer’s engineer is now preparing a letter of credit for review by the Town Planning Board and then acceptance by the Town Board. Once a letter of credit has been accepted and filed with the Town Clerk’s Office, then a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled with the Town’s Project Review Committee later this summer.  Once all parties have agreed-to the identified pre-construction issues then a notice to proceed with site work will be issued by the Town Code Enforcement Officer. The project involves the construction of two (2) warehouse buildings having a total of 416,000 square feet and related site improvements.    
  1. Loomis Road Mini-warehouse Project – The project involves three (3) single-story buildings having a total of 13,200 square feet in building area and related site improvements which include landscaping, site lighting and storm water control measures. A letter of credit was accepted by the Town Board at their meeting on July 26th.  Once the letter of credit is filed with the Town Clerk’s Office, then a scheduling of a pre-construction meeting which is to be held later this summer.
  1. Auburn Junction Plaza Project (Phase 3A) and Amended Concept Plan – Site work on a single-story 19,900 square foot plaza building, located along the west side of State Route 332, south of Carmens Way and opposite Farmbrook Drive. The project (known as Phase 3A of the Auburn Junction Project) includes the construction of related on-site parking, additional sidewalks, site lighting, and landscaping.  Steel for the building has been erected and work on enclosing the building is well underway. The drive isles and parking lots are now being constructed in Phase 3A with paving soon to follow.  Phase 3B (a future phase) will involve the design for two commercial type buildings to be located on the two outparcels located in front of the Phase 3A building. The site’s contractor is LeFrois Builders and Contractors.


23. Loomis Road Industrial Park Project – The Town Planning Board, at their meeting on August 3, 2022, agreed-to schedule two (2) public hearings for a special use permit application and a preliminary site plan application for Lot #4, to be held on Wednesday, August 17, 2022.  

  1. Country Max Building Project – Site construction is underway for the new warehouse and office building for Country Max.  A portion of this project will include the extension of the sidewalk along the north side of Collett Road, from the FedEx site to a new crosswalk that is to be installed across Collett Road near the driveway to Ultra Fab and then the sidewalk will continue along the south side of Collett Road east to the west side of Hook Road where it will end for the time being.
  1. Farmington Commons Plaza Project – Site construction continues upon the Reliant Federal Credit Union building and related site improvements on Lot #R-2 of the G&A Development & Construction Corporation’s land.  The site is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of State Routes 96 and 332. The credit union building is to be located north of and adjacent to the Burger King restaurant and south of the existing plaza building. 

Also, a part of this project will be the reconstruction of the westerly driveway entrance to the plaza from State Route 96 and construction of a new pedestrian sidewalk from along State Route 96 into the plaza location.

Future development of the remaining 7.384-acre Farmington Common Plaza site envisions a 4,000 square-foot three-story medical office building and another commercial building with related site improvements.  Other related site improvements are to include connecting this proposed lot to the adjacent GLN Farmington Realty Project and the extension of Mercier Boulevard on that property.

  1. Farmington Market Center Project. The Town Board will re-open the public hearing, at tonight’s meeting. The application involves a request to rezone three (3) parcels of land containing approximately 18.3 acres that are to be involved with the phased buildout of the Farmington Market Center site (which presently includes the Tops Market and Farmington Branch Office of the Canandaigua National Bank).  The Town Board, at their meeting on July 26, 2022, continued the public hearing to August 9th, due to an error of not posting the attachments (Parts 2 & 3 of the Full Environmental Assessment Form), to the posted resolution. 

The first phase of this site’s development will include the connection to Mercier Boulevard to the east, the construction of a new branch bank for Canandaigua National Bank, the construction of a Tops Fueling Station, the construction of a Mavis Tire Store, installation of pedestrian sidewalks from the southeast corner of the intersection of State Route 96 and Mertensia Road, the construction of sidewalks from Mertensia Road into and connecting to the Tops Building, the re-design of the current entrance into the plaza from State Route 96, and the installation of the Main Street Corridor improvements [streetlights, benches, trash receptacles, landscaping, etc.,] across the entire frontage of the plaza site.  

The incentive zoning process requires submission of an overall preliminary site plan for review and approval by the Town Planning Board and then the filing of said plan with the Town Clerk’s Office.  Once filed, then the Town Clerk is directed to amend the Official Zoning Map.  Once the rezoning is complete, then final site plan applications may be received and acted upon by the Planning Board for each of the proposed seven (7) commercial sites to be located within the three (3) subject parcels. 

  1. Gerstner Medical Building.  The project involves the construction of a 7,500 square foot two-story medical equipment office and sales building with associated site improvements located along the east side of Quentonshire Drive, south of County Road 41. A letter of credit still needs to be filed with the Town Clerk’s Office and then a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled.
  1. Welcome To Farmington Signs.  A joint committee comprised of Town Officials, Town staff, representatives from the Farmington Chamber of Commerce and Finger Lakes Gaming and Racing have been meeting and have chosen the design for new signage to be placed at gateway entrances to the Town welcoming people.  Five (5) of the new Welcome To Farmington signs have now been installed.

      The Town Board tonight will be accepting an easement with property owners located                   along the north side of State Route 96, near the Town’s entrance from the Town of   Manchester.  Another easement is being reviewed for the placement of the final sign to          be located on property along the south side of State Route 96, near the    Victor/Farmington Town boundary.  Meanwhile, additional welcome signs have been            prepared by Ewing Lettering & Graphics, and will be placed in other locations where     easements are not necessary.

  1. No Standing Signs, State Route 332.  The Town has been informed, by the New York State Department of Transportation, that a No Standing restriction zone will be established along both sides of State Route 332, starting at a location 1,000 feet north of the Route 96 intersection to 1,260 feet south of the intersection.  The signs are deemed necessary to eliminate ingress and egress sight restrictions being experienced by motorists which are caused by the parking of large tractor trailer vehicles along the shoulders of State Route 332 in this area. An order for the restriction signs continues to be processed for filing with the Secretary of State.  Once authorized, signs will be installed by State DOT forces as ordering and work schedules allow.
  1. TOMRA NY RECYCLING PROJECT.  Site work has commenced on this project site.  The project involves the expansion of the recycling operations at their site located at 5923 Loomis Road.  A meeting has been scheduled for this coming Wednesday afternoon with TOMRA NY representatives and Town Officials to discuss the abandonment of the existing Tomra Trail, a dead-end street that is now used only for Tomra New York Recycling Project.
  1. FEDERAL HIGHWAY TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES PROGRAM (TAP) GRANT AWARD.  The Town, having learned last month that it has been awarded a TAP Grant in the amount of $1,771,200.00, to be matched with approximately $450,000.00 of local funds, has begun preparing Letters of Interest to be sent to eligible engineering firms established by the Region 4 Office of the New York State Department of Transportation.  This first part of the Grant Award Process, will enable the Town to rank, interview and select a qualified firm to prepare detailed design plans for the construction of approximately 17,000 lineal feet of five- foot-wide concrete sidewalks, construction of a pedestrian bridge crossing of Beaver Creek, installation of bike lanes and stone dust trail connections to the Auburn Trail.  Construction should be scheduled to start next year and, hopefully, be completed early in 2024.
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