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Ongoing Farmington Projects


TO:            Farmington Town Board

FROM:      Ron Brand, Director of Planning & Development  -  Ronald L. Brand

                  Dan Delpriore, Town Code Enforcement Officer   -  Daniel Delpriore

DATE:       June 11, 2024

RE:            Report for Town Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

The following report is for this week’s Town Board Meeting, and it is for the period May 29, 2024, through June 11, 2024.

Town Board Resolutions (3)

  1. Resolution authorizing waiving the fee for the use of the Mertensia Park Lodge, for a meeting on July 25, 2024, of the Yates Ontario County Building Officials.

  1. Resolution authorizing the Town Supervisor to take appropriate action to apply lawn mowing charges to the property tax roll for a certain parcel of land.  

  1. Resolution to continue public hearing upon the proposed Whitestone Incentive Zoning Project to Wednesday, June 26, 2024.

     Town Projects Update

  1. FEDERAL HIGHWAY TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES PROGRAM (TAP) GRANT AWARD.  Construction work continues on three (3) sections located along the south side of County Road 41.  The first section is between Savalla Boulevard and the intersection with State Route 332; the second section is the stone dust trail connection between the sidewalk west of Savalla Boulevard and the Auburn Trail; and the third is the section between the sidewalk within the Hathaway’s Corners Project and the County Road 41 Auburn Trail Crossing.  The site contractor is working with Hines Concrete for scheduling all of these sidewalk/trail pours in the near future.  While this work is being done, design plans are being prepared for a new pedestrian/bicycle bridge crossing of Beaver Creek that is to be located west of Savalla Boulevard.

  1. Town Line Road Capital Improvement Project.  The last phase of this project, installing a section of sidewalk along the north side of Town Line Road, located west of Stony Way and between Maplewood Drive, is scheduled to be completed next month.    
  2. Brickyard Road Water Tank & Transmission.  Installation of a new 16-inch water transmission line between Yerkes Road and the Canandaigua/Farmington Town Line Road is now complete and is scheduled to be put in service this week.  The Water Tank site, located at the existing tank site on Brickyard Road, has finished constructing the slab on grade which is the based that supports the tank pedestal and tank. There is 630 cubic yards of concrete (approximately 63 truckloads) poured in the foundation slab alone.  In the coming weeks the contractor will begin putting together pedestal and tank components allowing for the next concrete pours. This project is scheduled for substantial completion in the fall of 2025.      

  1. Monarch Manor Incentive Zoning Project, Section 2.

There are occupied portions of four (4) two-dwelling unit buildings in Section 2.  In addition, there are three (3) two-dwelling unit buildings under construction.  Additional landscape work continues within Sections 1 and 2.  Eventually within Section 2 there will be twenty-four (24) buildings having a total of forty-eight (48) single-family dwelling units. 

  1. Auburn Meadows Subdivision, Section 8S.

All lots have been sold and there are six (6) dwellings under construction within this final section of the Auburn Meadows Subdivision Project located along both sides of Ackerman Way, between the Marion Way and Jasper Drive intersections.    


  1. Auburn Meadows Subdivision, Sections 7N and 8N.  All single-family dwelling lots within Sections 7N and 8N have been developed.  Once all stormwater related improvements for these two sections have been accepted, the next step involved is with closing out this project.

  1. Redfield Grove Incentive Zoning, Section 3, Commercial Project.

Section 3 involves amendments that will reduce the number of separate commercial buildings and sites located along the east side of Commercial Drive from five (5) to four (4). These changes will also provide additional inter-connecting access points, additional on-site parking within the front portions for each of the remaining four lots, no on-site parking in the rear portions of these sites, a reduction in the number of curb cuts to Commercial Drive.

The first project seeking site plan approval involves Lot #1, an existing lot with a one-story single-family dwelling at 5998 State Route 96, which is east of Commercial Drive (The site is just west of Toritos Cantina restaurant).  The Planning Board, at their June 19, 2024, meeting granted preliminary site plan approval with conditions and await submission of revised drawings for signatures.  Then the Planning Board will entertain an application for final site plan approval at a future meeting.                     

  1. Hathaway’s Corners Incentive Zoning Project.  All one-hundred fifty-one (151) townhouse dwelling units located within Phase 1A of the Hathaway’s Corners Project are now complete and occupied.  

Within Phase 2B, located within the southeastern portion of the Hathaway’s Corners Incentive Zoning Project site, will be a total of eleven (11) apartment buildings having a total of 88 apartment units.  All these buildings are now under construction and Certificates of Occupancy issued for the first two (2) buildings.      

Within Phase 1B of the project and along the south side of County Road 41, there are five (5) remaining lots for sale.  Within another portion of Phase 1B, is a new model home/sales office located along the north side of Eddy Gate Way which is now open.  Along Eddy Gate there are seven (7) occupied dwellings and two (2) dwelling units ready for occupancy.  There are a total of forty-two (42) single-family lots located in this Phase of the Project. 

A new phase of the Hathaway’s Corners Project, Phase 2A, will have a total of thirty (30) single-family dwellings constructed along the remaining portion of Osburn Lane and a total of twelve (12) single-family dwellings constructed along Cooper Place. This final residential phase [2A] of this incentive zoning project will have a total of forty-two (42) single-family dwellings. 

Site work also continues within the first portion of Phase 1C, The Villas at Hathaway’s Corners.  This phase will involve a total of sixty-one (61) single-family dwellings located on Villa-style lots fronting along Caleb Court [a private roadway].  Five (5) single-family dwellings have been constructed.  In addition, a model sales office/home is open to the public and fifty-five (55) lots remain available. This portion of the project will operate under a home-owners association where all site amenities (e.g., lawn mowing, landscaping, snow plowing, etc.) are provided for those living within the Villas at Hathaway’s Corners. 


  1. RG&E Substation 127 Expansion Project. The expansion project is located along the east side of [961] Hook Road and south of Inter-State Route I-90 [New York State Thruway]. This project includes the addition of impervious area (adding a 186 ft. by 100 ft. expansion to the existing 127 substation yard) and expansion of an existing bioretention facility to provide water quality treatment for this new area.  Finally, closeout action has commenced for this substation project, including the filing of a two-year Performance Bond with the Town Clerk’s Office and the final release of funds from the Letter of Credit for this project.

  1. RG&E Substation 168 Expansion Project.  Substation 168 is located along the south side of State Street, adjacent to the Village of Manchester.  Interior work in the control house continues.  Exterior site work, inside the 115kV yard on the east side of the station continues, including installation of steel structures, cable trenches, etc., and weekly SWPPP inspections are on-going and have been provided to the Town.

  1. 1816 Quaker Meetinghouse Museum Project.  The 1816 Museum has stockpiled millings obtained from the paving of County Road 8 and is preparing for their distribution on the site.  In the meantime, the 1816 Quaker Meetinghouse Museum Board of Directors (BOD) has now submitted applications for a Special Use Permit and Site Plan Approval for the restoration of the meetinghouse structure and related site development.  These applications are being scheduled for introduction to the Planning Board at their July 19th meeting.  Once both applications have been approved it will allow for the opening of this facility that is now listed on the Federal and State Registers of Historic Sites. The BOD has worked many years in obtaining federal and state grants to allow this part of our country’s history to be made available to the public.

  1. LeFrois Project, (GLN) State Route 96.  The Town awaits receipt of requested information, including a draft easement document providing access across portions of the property, to move forward with approving the first partial release of funds from the established letter of credit for this project.  The Applicant continues marketing the project, known as “Ontario Gateway Business Park.”

  1. Auburn Junction Plaza Project (Phase 3A) and Amended Concept Plan.  The         URMC Thompson Health Care facility is now open.  No permit has been issued for the        interior work within the remaining 10,000 square foot space of the total 19,900 square                foot plaza building.  

Phase 3B (a future phase of the Auburn Junction Plaza Project) will involve the design and construction of two standalone commercial type buildings with additional on-site parking to be located on the two outparcels located in front of the Phase 3A building.


  1. Loomis Road Industrial Park Project. The Town Board, at its November 14th meeting, approved a letter of credit for construction of Jetman Drive, the installation of site utilities [road, water, sewer, and stormwater] and site improvements upon Lot #4 of this project.  Once a letter of credit has been filed with the Town Clerk’s Office, a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled, and site work will be authorized to commence.  The developer intends to start these site improvements in the spring. There is a total of eleven (11) lots to be developed within the industrial park site.


  1. CountryMax Building Project. The building continues to be enclosed and soon the interior work will commence on this 68,000 square foot office/warehouse building.  Blacktopping of the site access, drives and parking areas is scheduled to commence early next month.  The on-site walkways along with the bases and wiring for the on-site lights have been installed. A new sidewalk has been constructed across a portion of this project’s frontage along the south side of Collette Road.  This sidewalk connects to the extension of the sidewalk along the north side of Collett Road from the FedEx site to a new crosswalk on Collett Road near the driveway to Ultra Fab.  This sidewalk has not been dedicated to the Town and is not open to the public for their use at this time.

  1. Farmington Market Center Project. The Town has been informed that preliminary overall site development drawings have been prepared for the project and are scheduled to be submitted in July of this year.  Once preliminary subdivision plat maps and site plan drawings with engineering details for the Planning Board’s review and approvals have been completed, then the Town Clerk will direct the amendment to the Town’s Official Zoning Map for the involved sites.  Following the Official Zoning Map amendment, final site plan submissions will then be accepted by the Planning Board for their review and approval allowing for building permits to be issued and site improvements to occur.  The first three (3) projects seeking final site plan approvals include a new freestanding Canandaigua National Bank Farmington Branch Office with drive-up tellers, a Tops Fueling Station, and a Mavis Tire Center.   

  1. Electric Car Corner Project.  Site construction is complete for this project that involves the sales, leasing, repair, and maintenance of electric vehicles (including hybrid vehicles); and the operation of up to eight (8) level 3 electric vehicle charging stations for the public’s use.  These charging stations have been installed and the existing building has been renovated for use as the sales office and auto repair operations.  Television advertisements are starting to appear, and a formal grand opening is scheduled for later this spring.

Also, a part of this project involves two (2) special use permits granted by the planning board which allow for the sales and leasing of new and used vehicles, the repair and maintenance of new and used vehicles sold or leased from the dealership. 

  1. Farmbrook Site Plan Applications, Sections 7A & 7B.  Earthwork has begun for this project which ultimately will involve the development of seventy (70) single-family dwellings to be constructed upon lots located within Sections 7A and 7B of the Farmbrook Planned Subdivision Project. 

  1. Western New York Commercial Warehouse Project.  Site and building construction continue upon this project, which is located along the south side of Loomis Road, between State Route 332 and Plastermill Road.  The project proposes two (2) ten thousand (10,000) square foot single-story warehouse buildings containing a total of 20 separate units and related site improvements.  The owner reports that 18 of the 20 units are already leased and await issuing Certificates of Occupancies for these 20 rental units.

  1. A Safe Place Storage, Phase 2.  The owner is now constructing one (1) additional cold storage building on the site. Once the topsoil screening and sales operation is complete then the developer will be seeking building permits for the construction of the one (1) remaining cold storage building that is also to be located on the northeastern portion of the site. 

Finally, a part of this project involved construction of Commercial Drive south to the property line and the construction of a sidewalk along the west side of Commercial Drive to the south property line.  These two components are complete and have been accepted by the Town Board.  Still remaining is the installation of three (3) streetlights.

  1. Paddock Landing Project (formerly known as the Power Incentive Zoning Project).  Preliminary Overall Subdivision Plats and Overall Preliminary Site Plans have been approved by the Planning Board.  The Town awaits receiving the drawings for signatures and the filing with the Town Clerk’s Office.  Once filed, the Town’s Official Zoning Map will be amended to delineate the new IZ Incentive Zoning District boundaries.  Following this action, the applicant intends to submit final subdivision plat and final site plan drawings for Planning Board approvals.  Once approvals have been granted, the final subdivision plat drawings will be filed with the Ontario County Clerk’s Office, a Letter of Credit for site improvements within Phase One will be filed with the Town Clerk’s Office and a Pre-Construction Meeting scheduled with State and Town Officials prior to issuing a Notice to Proceed with site development.

  1. Open Space Index Update.  The Town of Farmington Environmental Conservation Board (ECB) continues completion of the update to the Town’s Open Space Index (OSI).  The OSI Update document is required by the State’s General Municipal Law, for maintaining the Board’s status.  GIS mapping updates have also been prepared as part of this process.  The draft document is scheduled for presentation to the Town Board, for its’ review and acceptance later this summer.    

  1. Parks & Recreation Plan Update – Residents Survey.  The Town Board, at their meeting on June 26, 2024, will be creating the Plan Update Committee for guiding this plan update, appointing members, and scheduling public workshop meetings.  Work on this project is expected to commence with the first Update Committee meeting scheduled for July 8th.  This planning project is anticipated to be substantially completed early next year.

  1. Whitestone Incentive Zoning Project.   The Town Board, at their meeting tonight, is expected to continue the public hearing upon this rezoning action to their next meeting on Tuesday, June 26th, to allow time for town staff to amend the Part 3 of the Full Environmental Assessment Form and prepare draft resolutions for making a determination of significance under the State Environmental Quality Review Act and adopting a local law for the rezoning with conditions.  The rezoning application involves two tax map account containing a total of approximately 66 acres of land located along the east side of State Route 332, between the New York State Police Troop E Headquarters on the south and County Road 41 on the north.  The project also extends easterly to Quentonshire/Pintail Crossing highways.  Below is the concept plan for the development of these two parcels of land which is under consideration.

  1. Creekwood Townhouse Project – Phase Two.  The Town awaits submission of final subdivision plat drawings and preliminary site plan drawings for the development of 40 townhouse dwelling units and the construction and dedication of Pintail Crossing as a public highway. 

  1. Union Crossing Development LLC Project.  The Town Planning Board, at their March 20, 2024, meeting, granted final site plan approval for the construction of the first of two previously approved warehouse buildings and related site improvements on land located along the north side of County Road 41 and the west side of County Road 8.  A new business will be coming, and their needs has resulted in the revised drawings being prepared for the first phase of this site’s development.  The Town awaits receipt to the amended final site plan drawings for signatures and starting the pre-construction process.  The applicant would like to start construction on this project this summer.

  1. Commercial Drive Solar Projects, East & West.  The Town Planning Board, at their June 19th meeting will be continuing deliberations upon the environmental record for these two solar projects.  Pending are applications for two (2) special use permits and two (2) site plan approvals for two (2) separate but related solar array projects to be located on land south of the American Lumber and Safe Place Storage sites along the south side of Collett Road and the New Energy Works site and the northern end of Commercial Drive on the south.  The two sites will be separated by the construction of Commercial Drive linking the northern section with the southern section of said highway.  The project also includes construction of a new public water line and sidewalks.  Each site will have solar arrays and on-site battery storage units for distribution of the solar power to the electrical grid to allow local residences and businesses to purchase. The Planning Board continued these public hearings to their June 19th meeting to allow time for the applicant to provide additional information and response to submitted concerns.

  1. The Genesee Land Trust (GLT) Purchase of Conservation Easement Project.   The GLT has been awarded the sum of $1,840,934.00 by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, for the purchase of development rights (PDRs) on parcels of land located along County Road 8 and Shortsville Road, owned by Hickory Lane Farms, LLC.  With the completion of the PDRs for these farmlands, they will remain undeveloped and used for continuing agricultural purposes.  The properties will be monitored and administered by the GLT through the provisions within the New York State Environmental Protection Fund Program.