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Ongoing Farmington Projects


TO:            Farmington Town Board

FROM:      Ron Brand, Director of Planning & Development  -  Ronald L. Brand

                  Dan Delpriore, Town Code Enforcement Officer   -  Daniel Delpriore

DATE:       May 22, 2023

RE:            Report for Town Board Meeting on Monday, May 22, 2023.

The following report is for this week’s Town Board Meeting and is for the period May 10, 2023, through May 19, 2023.

Town Board Resolutions (3)

  • Resolution to table and to continue a public hearing upon an application for incentive rezoning for the proposed Power Property Incentive Zoning Project, involving zoning map amendments (Tax Map Accounts 29.00-2-13.1 [52.5 acres] and 29.00-2-14.0 [93.3 acres]) from RS-25, Residential Suburban and LI Limited Industrial to IZ Incentive Zone, said parcels located along the north side of State Route 96, to Wednesday evening June 28, 2023.

  • Resolution establishing a Letter of Credit for Western New York Commercial Warehouse Flex Space Project, located along the south side of Loomis Road, in the total amount of $72,981.59.

  • Resolution appointing Carol Marvel to the Receptionist position in the Town Development Office, effective May 28, 2023.

     Town Projects Update

  1. FEDERAL HIGHWAY TRANSPORTATION ALTERNATIVES PROGRAM (TAP) GRANT AWARD.  The Town’s Project Manager and the Project Engineer, from Fisher Associates, have completed the Federal Environmental Approval Worksheet, the State’s Smart Growth Screening document and the Federal Social, Economic and Environmental Resources Form and have submitted them to the State Department of Transportation (DOT) for their review and acceptance.  The next step is completing the preliminary design for this project and submitting this to the DOT for their review and acceptance.

  1. Beaver Creek Park Project.   Drainage pipe to be installed around the park pavilion has been received and will be installed after this year’s summer recreation programs are completed.  Replacement trees have arrived at the park and the site contractor will be replacing the damaged trees located in the park.   A walk-through, by Town Staff of the landscaping improvements, is scheduled for later this week.

  1. Town Line Road Capital Improvement Project. Remaining work continues which involves bringing-in fill material for the base of the one remaining section of sidewalk that is to be installed along the north side of town line road, which is to be located west of Stony Way and between Maplewood Drive. 


  1. Brickyard Road Water Tank & Transmission. The Town Board will be conducting a public hearing at its’ meeting tonight to consider a revised cost estimate for this project.  This procedure has been made necessary to consider inflationary costs of the originally designed improvements.  We also have received notice from Congresswomen’s Tenney’s Office that our application for additional federal funds has made the cut from over 100 applications and has been sent onto another Committee for consideration of additional federal funding for this project.  We also have been notified by the Deputy Regional Director of U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer, that the Senator has prioritized our request for additional federal funding and has included it in his funding requests to the Interior, Environment and Related Agencies appropriations subcommittee. The next step is the House Appropriations Committee for review and approval. We should learn more information in the September/October time frame.

  1. Monarch Manor Incentive Zoning Project, Section 2.

Building permits have now been issued for the construction of a fourth building bringing the total number of new dwelling units under construction within this section to eight (8).  Eventually, within Section 2, there will be twenty-four (24) buildings having a total of forty-eight (48) single-family dwelling units.

  1. Auburn Meadows Subdivision, Section 8S.

Site improvements continue within this last section of the Auburn Meadows Project.  This Section involves a total of 31 lots that are to be located along both sides of Ackerman Way, between the Marion Way and Jasper Drive intersections.  Eleven (11) buildings are under construction and three (3) new basements are being dug along this last remaining section of Ackerman Way.


The construction of sidewalks along Ackerman Way, and a sidewalk between Ackerman Way and the Auburn Trail has now been completed.  Also installed is a split-rail fence along a portion of the redesigned stormwater facility which is located near the Auburn Trail that runs along the backs of the new lots in Section 8S.  The contractor still needs to complete some drainage work along this portion of the trail.

  1. Auburn Meadows Subdivision, Sections 7N and 8N.  All single-family dwelling lots within Sections 7N and 8N have been sold.  Work on four (4) remaining homes continues and are scheduled to be complete next month.  Later this year, the topcoat of asphalt will be installed along this portion of Ivory Drive.

  1. Redfield Grove Incentive Zoning, Section 2, Townhouse Project. All the dwelling units within this project have been sold.  A final inspection will be performed of the site improvements prior to the release of the final portion of a letter of credit and establishing a two-year maintenance bond.  Also scheduled for later this year will be the installation of the topcoat of asphalt. 

  1. Redfield Grove Incentive Zoning, Commercial Project.  The beauty salon, T.K.O. (Total Knock Out) and Zoe’s Ice Cream Shop, are now operating at the northwest corner of Commercial Drive and State Route 96. The developer is considering a redesign of the commercial sites and buildings located along the east side of Commercial Drive. Also being considered is eliminating one of the building sites thereby providing internal site connecting access and additional on-site parking for each of the remaining five lots.


  1. Redfern Drive Townhouse Project.  Certificates of Occupancy have now been issued for all twenty (20) townhouse dwelling units, located within four (4) buildings along Redfern Drive, between Running Brook Drive and Dalton Drive.  The remaining tasks include the closeout of the surety on file and record drawing submission.


  1. Hathaway’s Corners Incentive Zoning Project. All the one-hundred fifty-one (151) townhouse dwelling units located within Phase 1A of the Hathaway’s Corners Project are now either under construction or occupied.  

Within Phase 2B of the Project there are eleven (11) buildings having a total of 88 apartment units that will be located within this southeastern portion of the Hathaway’s Corners Incentive Zoning Project. Currently, a section of Carmen’s Way has been installed allowing for the construction of the first two (2) apartment buildings having a total of 16 apartment units.  There are also three (3) other building foundations [a total of 24 apartment units] located south off-from Savalla Boulevard, east of Carmen’s Way, that are under construction.  The remaining six (6) apartment buildings are to be constructed within the southeast portion of the overall site, near the intersection of Barry Place and Savalla Boulevard. 

Within Phase 1B of the project is the Marrano Homes model home/sales office located on one of the six (6) lots for sale along the south side of County Road 41.  Within another portion of Phase 1B, is a new model home/sales office located along the north side of Eddy Gate Way which is now open.  Also within this portion of the Phase 1B project site, located along Eddy Gate Way and Osburn Lane, there are a total of forty-two (42) single-family lots.  Nine (9) of these are now occupied, six (6) units are under construction, with twenty-seven (27) single-family lots remaining for sale. 

Site work also continues within the Villas portion of the project [Phase 1C].  This section involves a total of sixty-one (61) single-family dwellings located on Villa-style lots along Caleb Court.  This section will be operating under a home-owners association where all site amenities (e.g., lawn mowing, landscaping, snow plowing, etc.) are provided for those living within this section of the Hathaway’s Corners project.  Sidewalks located along one side of Caleb Court have been installed within the first phase of this project.  A short section of sidewalk remains to be installed between Caleb Court and the Auburn Trail which is scheduled for completion this spring.  The model dwelling unit/sales office is now almost complete.  A second single-family dwelling is under construction and other Lots for Sale signs and Lots Sold signs are popping-up along the street.


  1. RG&E Substation 127 Expansion Project. The expansion project is located on the east side of Hook Road, south of Route I-90 (New York State Thruway).  HVAC system and fire protection system in the new control house are complete but await testing.  All project work involving soil disturbance has been completed.  Work continues on the remaining phase 3 service with expected completion by May 26, 2023.  All areas of previous site disturbance have now been stabilized.  The project continues with monthly SWPPP inspections as approved by the Town of Farmington on December 19, 2022.

The Town Engineer is following-up with RG&E to confirm that the existing letter of credit has been extended for an additional one-year period.


  1. RG&E Substation 168 Expansion Project.  Substation 168 is located along the south side of State Street, adjacent to the Village of Manchester.  Interior work in the control house continues.  Work inside the 115kV yard on the east side of the station started in October and will continue at least through the summer months.  Work includes new foundations for new electrical equipment.  Weekly SWPPP inspections are on-going and provided to the Town.

  1. Meyer’s Recreation Vehicle Sales & Service Project.  The Town awaits receipt of the record site drawings and then closing out the letter of credit for this project.   

  1. LeFrois Project, (GLN) State Route 96. Site work which includes the installation of new water lines, sewer lines, stormwater and related stormwater drainage improvements have been placed on pause by the developer.  A new section of Mercier Boulevard, a future town road that is to start at a new intersection with State Route 96 and extend into Phase 1A of the project has also been placed on pause by the developer.    

Phase 1A site development for what is now being called the “Ontario Gateway Business Park” provides for up to four (4) proposed commercial building sites to be located along the south side of State Route 96 and the north side of a new section of Mercier Boulevard. Eventually, Mercier Boulevard will extend to the south and east connecting with the existing cul-de-sac on the adjacent Home Leasing property.  Mercier Boulevard when completed will provide an alternative connection to the GLN Farmington Realty site, the Farmington Commons Plaza (located at the southwest corner of State Routes 96 & 332), the Farmington Market Plaza (where the Tops Super Market and Canandaigua National Bank are located) and the existing cul-de-sac on Mercier Boulevard located at the south end of the GLN Farmington Realty property. 

  1. Loomis Road Mini-warehouse Project. Building construction and site development continues at this project site which involves three (3) single-story mini-warehouse buildings having a total of 13,200 square feet of building area.

  1. Auburn Junction Plaza Project (Phase 3A) and Amended Concept Plan. Interior work occupying a total of 9,900 square feet of building space, located along the west side of State Route 332, south of Carmens Way and opposite Farmbrook Drive, is now being finished for medical offices associated with the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) Thompson Health Care System. No permit has been issued for the interior work within the remaining 10,000 square foot space of the total 19,900 square foot plaza building.  

This project (known as Phase 3A of the Auburn Junction Incentive Zoning Project) also includes the construction of related on-site parking, additional sidewalks, site lighting, and landscaping.  Phase 3B (a future phase) will involve the design and construction of two standalone commercial type buildings with additional on-site parking to be located on the two outparcels located in front of the Phase 3A building. The site’s contractor is LeFrois Builders and the building’s interior contractor, for the first phase, is Genesee Construction Service, Inc.


  1. Loomis Road Industrial Park Project. The Town Planning Board, at their May 17th meeting granted final site plan approval for Lot #4 and final design plan approval, with conditions, which will provide for the construction of the proposed Jetman Drive.   There are a total of eleven (11) lots to be developed within the industrial park site.l


  1. CountryMax Building Project. Site construction continues for the new 68,000 square foot CountryMax warehouse and office building.  A portion of this project will include the extension of the sidewalk to the east along the north side of Collett Road, from the FedEx site to a new crosswalk that is to be installed across Collett Road near the driveway to Ultra Fab. Then the sidewalk will continue east along the south side of Collett Road to the west side of Hook Road where it will end for the time being.

  1. Farmington Commons Plaza Project. Construction is starting to wrap up on the Reliant Federal Credit Union building and related site improvements located on Lot #R-2 of the G&A Development & Construction Corporation’s land.  The site (Farmington Commons Plaza) is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of State Routes 96 and 332. The new credit union building is located north of and adjacent to the Burger King restaurant and south of the existing plaza building. 

Future development of the remaining 7.384-acre Farmington Common Plaza site envisions a 4,000 square-foot three-story medical office building and another standalone commercial building with related site improvements.  Other related future site improvements include connecting this property to the adjacent GLN Farmington Realty Project and to the extension of Mercier Boulevard on that property.

  1. Farmington Market Center Project. The Town Board continues negotiations with the applicant, on the final conditions of approval for the incentive rezoning.

  1. Electric Car Corner Project.  The Town Planning Board, at their meeting on Wednesday, June 7, 2023, will continue their review of the submitted final site plan drawings for Lot #A and a small portion of Lot #B (two of the three former Create-A-Scape parcels). The project involves the sales, leasing, repair and maintenance of electric vehicles (including hybrid vehicles); and the operation of up to eight (8) level 3 electric vehicle charging stations for the public’s use. 

Also, a part of this project involves two (2) special use permits that have been granted by the planning board which allow for the sales and leasing of new and used vehicles, the repair and maintenance of new and used vehicles sold or leased from the dealership and the installation of electric vehicle charging stations for the public’s use. 

  1. Farmbrook Re-subdivision Section 7A.  The Planning Board, at their January 4, 2023, meeting granted final re-subdivision plat approval for Section 7A of the Farmbrook Subdivision Tract.  Section 7A will contain a total of 48 lots to be located within the southeast portion of the Farmbrook project site.  Once the final plat maps have been filed in the Ontario County Clerk’s Office, the next actions will involve the granting of preliminary and final site plans for those lots located within Sections 7A and 7B.  There is a total of 70 single-family dwelling lots remaining in these two (2) sections. No building permits may be issued for the building of any additional dwelling units within these two sections until this next step has been completed.

  1. Western New York Commercial Warehouse Project.  This project, originally known as Hunt’s Park Warehouse Project, involves the development of land located along the south side of Loomis Road, between State Route 332 and Plastermill Road.  The project proposes two (2) ten thousand (10,000) square foot single-story warehouse buildings containing a total of 20 separate units. The Planning Board, at its meeting on Wednesday, May 3, 2023, granted final site plan approval with conditions.  The applicant has submitted a letter of credit estimate for approved site improvements to be dedicated to the Town, which the Town Board is expected to approve at tonight’s meeting.  Then, once the surety is filed with the Town Clerk’s Office a pre-construction meeting will be scheduled followed by a notice to proceed with site development.


  1. A Safe Place Storage, Phase 2.  Site work continues upon the climate-controlled storage building, a cold storage warehouse building and an outdoor storage area to be located on property at the southeast corner of Collett Road and Commercial Drive. 

At the March 15, 2023, Planning Board meeting, the applicant received an amendment to the final site plan for this project to allow for the screening and sale of topsoil on a portion of the site. Commercial Drive has now been extended south to the property line and the sidewalk along the west side of Commercial Drive will be extended to the south property line this spring.  Later this summer, blacktopping of the pavement (both on-site and on Commercial Drive) will take place followed soon thereafter dedication of the highway improvements.

  1.  Dollar General.  A Building Permit has been issued for the reconstruction of the Dollar General Store located on State Route 96.  The building, previously destroyed by fire in 2022, will be built on the same footprint of the original building.  Construction is expected to begin next week, and re-opening of the store is scheduled for later this year.

  1. Power Incentive Zoning Project.  A revised concept plan and amended rezoning application has been submitted to the Town Board for its consideration.  The Town Board, at its May 9, 2023, meeting scheduled a public hearing upon this proposed rezoning to begin on Monday evening, May 22, 2023.  This public hearing will be continued to June 27th to enable the County Planning Board’s review and recommendation and a lead agency to be established to allow for a determination of significance to be made under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA).